What exactly is “Natural Skincare”?

With the recent hype of going all natural, you may find yourself wondering what exactly does it mean to go natural? What is being put on your skin now if it isn’t natural?

Well, the hard, hidden truth is that many of the products you will find yourself using today by those big brand companies contain harmful byproducts and chemicals that have been tested to somehow have a few skin benefits here and there. That’s right. There’s a whole world out there that can actually provide a plethora of benefits on the skin whilst using only the most wholesome of ingredients…crazy right?

So let’s get down to it: what can natural skincare be defined as?

While there aren’t any legal definitions banning chemical-based skincare products from being advertised as “natural”, you will be able to tell yourself if you are well educated on the topic.

Ultimately, to be natural, a product must be and contain exactly that: all-natural ingredients. A majority, if not all, ingredients would fall under categories such as herbs, flowers, roots, plants, and essential oils.

Knowing this information, it is easy to see why consumers have been starting to jump at products advertised as organic or natural. Once you think about it, it only makes sense that the best thing for you and your body should also be the most natural.

It also takes a while to finally sink into consciousness that using harmful chemicals on the skin, (whatever the benefits may be) can only affect the body negatively in the long term.

Why is that so? Well, putting something on your face whether it be lotion, cream, a mask or so on will be absorbed into your skin, and thus enter your bloodstream. Imagine something you wouldn’t let go near your mouth being consumed through other outlets of your body. Exactly.

Ultimately, you can find solace and comfort using healthily derived products on your skin. Many common natural ingredients include all essential oils, butters such as shea, and even rose water. Not to mention many food items are being found to have positive skincare effects as well, including lemons, avocadoes, mint, olive oil, turmeric and much more! Hopefully this bit of summarised info will be adequate in helping you on your skincare journey.

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