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Check out our online store, full to the brim with premium vegan goodies. We partner with awesome vegan wizards around the world to bring you only the best in vegan goodness. 

Everyday Vegan is a family run business founded by Singapore's #1 vegan blogger SGVegan, Amanda Teng with her husband Kenny Lee, founder of Team V – Singapore's community of vegan runners. 

Our Story

Having been vegetarian and vegan for more than 20 years, Amanda became frustrated at the lack of cruelty-free products on the market. Deciding to address this issue we established Everyday Vegan in 2017 to support the rapidly growing vegan and vegan-curious community.

Everyday Vegan is a specialty retailer offering premium vegan food, beauty, health and lifestyle products. We strive to make accessing quality vegan products convenient and affordable. Emphasising the benefits of natural ingredients and organic products, Everyday Vegan shows how easy it is to access quality products while completely avoiding animal-based ingredients and animal testing.

The company is committed to ensuring all products are not only ethically produced but ethically sourced. This includes supporting initiatives such as direct trade sourcing which ensures producers receive fair compensation for supplying the highest quality ingredients.

Everyday Vegan not only supplies quality products but aspires to support, nurture, and grow the vegan and vegan-curious community. Throughout the year our vegan guru and Everyday Vegan founder, Amanda, offers exciting workshops, where we share with you how you can make simple and impactful choices to start living a kinder and more abundant life.

Additionally, we participate in numerous eco-friendly and cruelty-free festivals. While the website is also a resource for informative articles addressing questions ranging from “What exactly is ‘natural skincare’” to “Where do vegans get their protein?”

It’s never been easier to have high-quality, cruelty-free products delivered to your door. Have a look at our growing range of products and be sure to sign up to our newsletter to receive special promotions, invitations to workshops, and the latest vegan news.