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Have you heard about our Ten Day Vegan Program?

The Ten Day Vegan Program

The 'Everyday Vegan Program: 10 Days of Home-cooked Vegan Meals' is NOT Just a Recipe Book !

We developed this program for anyone who wants to make simple and impactful choices that lead to living a kinder and more abundant life – starting with eating home-cooked vegan meals.

This e-book is a unique step-by-step guide on how to cook simple but delicious vegan meals at home. It includes a grocery shopping guide (tailored for the Singapore shopper), list of vegan kitchen essentials, shopping lists, and 2 x 5 day meal plans consisting of over 21 unique recipes of hearty and wholesome vegan meals. 


Our #EverydayVeganPledge for 2018 is to donate some of our money, time and energy to Animal Welfare Societies and Charities in Singapore. 

To kick things off, we have partnered with ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society) to bring you our very first E-book: Everyday Vegan Program - 10 days of Vegan Homecooked Meals. Proceeds from the sale of the e-book will go to ACRES to support their valiant efforts in helping our animal friends.

Most importantly, for every purchase of an E-book (S$17 Only), Everyday Vegan will donate S$10 to ACRES to support their valiant efforts in helping our Animal Friends. 

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A little bit more about ACRES

ACRES is an animal welfare society, focusing on animal rescue and rehabilitation, community outreach and promotion of cruelty-free living. You may have seen their vans around Singapore. They are always busy driving around Singapore to rescue injured animals. They also have a sanctuary space where they house, take care of, and rehabilitation of animals.

ACRES needs donations to maintain their facilities and vehicles, and ensure that they are getting adequate resources to house and care for their animal residents.



 ACRES Sanctuary

ACRES Sanctuary